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If you take a look through the clothing in this section you will see that none of it is priced. Instead of offering a generic price list for your order like a lot of other websites, Red Oak Roller wants to give you the best price, using the best decorating method, depending on exactly what you want. 

We take into consideration all aspects of your design ideas, so that every order we take on is catered to your individual needs as a customer.

Now to get a quote, what you first must do is choose what kind of product that you want.
So click through on the items and choose which item you want a quote for, then select your choices in the drop down boxes. This will be some some basic information about what you need. Fill these out with as much detail as possible.
This is only to get a quote, you are not buying anything, so do not worry if things change, or if the info isn't exact. once you have filled all of this press "add to quote", and then follow the details from then on until you can see that your enquiry has been sent.
Once we receive the enquiry, our graphics team will put together a proof for you of how your garments will look. We will list down whether the logos are printed or embroidered, and show them in the colours that you have chosen. We will then email over the pictures for you along with the prices for your confirmation.
Again, please remember this is just a quote, a lot of times you may decide to change the look of a design once you have seen how it looks in the picture. There is no cost within this whole process for you, so feel free to change the design until you are happy with it.
Please note that we have tried to put clothing in each section of this site that will best suit your needs, but if there is something that you want and you cant find, then please email us directly on sales@uniclothing.net


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